Tyler Lawrance | 20 | Smart , Sensitive, Flirty | Probably reminds you of Verified_Ink 

↓ Background 

 Tyler grew up around women his whole life, not knowing his dad as a child changed the way he acted. He was always the heart throb at school.

↓ Personality 

He’s the guy you can always ask any question and nine time out of ten he’d know the answer. Even though he’s almost always friends with any one he meets he doesn’t like to fight or argue and would rather talk it out.

↓ Skills and Advantages

He’s smart and knows a lot of things no matter the subject most likely he’s touched on it. He has a really good memory and is good at talking to people.

↓ Disadvantages and Incapability’s

He isn’t very good at fighting or speaking up for him self. Never judge some one by there looks Tyler is a little bit of a punk.

↓First encounter with a zombie 

Tyler saw everything he saw happening on the news and was frightened. He called many people but most of the lines were busy. So he decided to man up and go check on his current girl friend Faith Russell to find her being chased out her house by a zombie


Tyler is RESERVED !

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